Vibrating screen machine

    Date:  2016-06-15Author:  ZENITH

 Vibrating screen machine,one common mineral ore screening machine, is mainly applied to separate the gravel and clay, large stone and small one as well as massive material and powder material.

YK Series Vibrating Screen

(YK Series Vibrating Screen)

Sand screening machine is chiefly used in the stone production line or gravel production line for separating the large stone and small one. In the artificial sand production process, it is able to be used for separating the qualified sand and unqualified one. According to the different size of sieve pore, the product granularity can be adjusted.

YKN Series Vibrating Screen

(YKN Series Vibrating Screen)

Vibrating Screen Structure

The body of Vibrating Screen machine consists of base frame and supporting structure. The base frame is welded using heavy channels and angles and special care has been taken during design. Screen supporting structure and Screen are made from wear resistant special Coil Steels.

Vibrating Screen Working Principle

Sand screening machine is single-axis circular-movement inertial vibrating screen, whose working depends on inertial motor and inertial strength produced by eccentric plate. Because of the vibration of screen box, the materials are threw out, so that materials of certain size go through the screen mesh, and the screening aim is realized. Since the magnetic exciter is installed on the gravity center of screen box, the two long elliptical axises form a shape like a Chinese character, and the upper of long elliptical axis at inlet end is in the same direction with the outlet, which favors the spread of materials which are at the screen box. However, the upper of long elliptical axis at outlet end is opposite to the direction of the outlet, which can reduce the movement speed of materials, and help the difficult-screened materials go through the screen mesh. What's more, the effective area of sand screening machine is increased because of the elliptical screen surface; as a result, the processing capacity is promoted.

Vibrating Screen Operation and Maintenance

1. Before starting, we should inspect every fasteners bolt of sand screening machine and examine whether it becomes less crowded. If it is, we should fasten it one time.

2. After the vibration screen machine has empty motion for 4-6 hours, the sieve body should be steady. No sway and unusual sound and driver bearing temperature≤7512.

3. After idle operation movement, we should examine every spots spiral of vibrating screen and fasten one time.

4. In normal work, it should have periodic inspection of every fasteners bolt tight situation.

5. Inspect vulnerability, the use and the maintenance frequently. Please refer to the instruction for use. (vibrating motor should be refueled one time after 3 months, driver be refueled one time every month, a minor repair half year, a overhaul one year.)

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