Equipments to obtain 200 mesh for Limestone

    Date:  2016-06-21Author:  ZENITH

Limestone at present as the architectural and industrial production of raw materials used, very concern, before use it will the raw materials to ground into a powder and the next step of processing, then the limestone into powder processing need with what machine? Objective to use limestone powder processing 200 what type of mill?

What need processing of limestone powder equipment

First of all, the limestone stone to can be carried out after the crushing of the next step of the grinding, which can greatly improve the material utilization rate.

Limestone in the milling process, milling machine equipment is critical to the performance, but in addition to the host, auxiliary equipment selection is also very important, according to the actual situation to add auxiliary processing equipment, such as jaw crusher, belt conveyor, vibration sieve machine.

Note the use of limestone

1.strong water retention, in the production of cement, mixed with some of the gypsum, into a mixed mortar, can effectively improve the workability of cement slurry.

2.poor water resistance, do not recommend the use of limestone powder in a humid environment, also do not use alone in the building foundation.

3.hardening time contraction degree is relatively large, suggested that in addition to made of milk of lime used as paint outside, not to be used alone, in the use of engineered general to be mixed into the sand, paper reinforcement, hemp etc. materials to reduce the shrinkage and saving lime powder.

4.the moisture absorption of lime powder is relatively strong, to pay attention to moisture storage, and can not be stored for too long.

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