Concrete batching plant korean model

    Date:  2016-06-22Author:  ZENITH

Concrete batching plant is used to concentrate the mixing of concrete. Due to its mechanization, high degree of automation, productivity is high and ensure the quality of concrete and save the cement, commonly used in concrete engineering quantity, long construction period, site of large and medium-sized water conservancy projects, such as power plants and bridges project.


Concrete batching plant is composed of a mixing console, material weighing system, a material conveying system, material storage system, control system of five components of the system and other ancillary facilities building materials manufacturing equipment, the main principle of the work is to cement as the cementing material, sandstone, limestone, coal and other raw materials are mixed and stirred, and made into a concrete, as a kind of wall material into production and construction.

Concrete batching plant mainly consists of gravel to material, powder feeding, water and admixtures to material, transport mixing with storage in four parts and equipment Tongshen the steel structure of the whole casting, high quality of H type steel is not only beautiful appearance generous, but also to strengthen the Concrete batching plant of the strength of the whole structure, convenient installation and equipment, used in a variety of complex topography.

Concrete batching plant has good mixing performance, the equipment adopts a spiral type double horizontal shaft forced mixing console, not only mixer can be strong, for dry, rigid, plastic and various ratio of concrete can achieve good mixing effect. And stir evenly, high efficiency.

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