Quarry regulations philippines

    Date:  2016-06-24Author:  ZENITH

"Philippines mining law" requires the contractor to "mine development and mining executive science and technology plan", the annual expenditure of direct mining and mineral processing costs by 1%, to help mine development, improve the welfare of local residents, to promote mining science and technology improvement.

Specific measures include:

1.through the construction of community schools, hospitals, churches, roads, bridges, water supply systems, community housing, training facilities and other public facilities, and enhance the development of the mining area and near the community;

2.By providing equipment and funds for institutional research; promotion of mineral processing technology, environmental protection measures and the community development plan to the Philippines; published publications on science and technology popularization of knowledge of mining and other means, to promote the improvement of local mining science and technology.

3.Give priority to hire Filipinos in mining production, and to develop and implement effective training plan, Filipinos are encouraged to participate in mining production each link of practice and management;

4.in the case of the same quality, the priority use of local products, services and technology;

5.in the termination of the contract within 1 years before the handover, infrastructure and equipment to local governments, to ensure continuous production of mining.

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