Gravel/Sand separator machine for sale bulacan philippines

    Date:  2016-06-27Author:  ZENITH

 Magnetic separator is used to recycle powder particles in the removal of iron, magnetic separator is widely used in resource recovery, wood industry, mining, ceramics, chemical, food etc. other workshops for particle size of less than 3mm magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials wet magnetic separator, but also for coal, non metallic minerals, building materials and other materials in addition to iron, is the industry to use the most extensive, high universality, one of the models.


working principle:

Pulp to ore tank flows into the tank, in the role of the water mineral water spray to the next, mineral particles is loose state into the slot to the mine. In the magnetic field, magnetic mineral grains of magnetic poly and form a "magnetic group" or "flux", "magnetic group" or "flux" in the pulp by magnetic force, moving toward the poles, and is adsorbed on the cylinder. Due to the polarity of the magnetic poles along the direction of rotation of the cylinder are arranged alternately, and fixed at work, "magnetic group" or "flux" in with the cylinder rotates, due to the alternating magnetic pole and magnetic stirring phenomenon is mixed in the "magnetic group" or "flux" gangue minerals and other non - magnetic flip off, eventually being sucked in the cylinder surface of the "magnetic group" or "flux" is the concentrate. The concentrate with the cylinder to the magnetic field of the magnetic field at the weakest point, the discharge pipe in the discharge of the flushing flow is discharged into the concentrate tank, if it is a full magnetic roller, unloading is carried out with the brush roller. The non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals are left with the pulp in the pulp discharged outside the tank, which is tailing.

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