The important role of sand making machine in the present construction

    Date:  2016-06-27Author:  ZENITH

 The sand making machine, sand production line production of sand stone is modern architecture with the main source of sand, with the concrete sand and other materials can be as the skeleton of the building concrete, visible artificial sand stone in the construction of an important role, so it is necessary to have certain requirements of sand stone, must conform to the standards and requirements. So it is important to choose the proper sand making machine and sand production line.

sand making machine

River gravel, natural rocks, abandoned stone and other resources for the production mechanism of sand production scale can use sand making machine.

First: in the establishment of the production line construction must should attach great importance to the investigation on the production site and complex survey work, and to the on-site system analysis, thus to targeted according to the site of the actual situation of process design and equipment selection.

Secondly: the quality of artificial sand and the production efficiency are the key and difficult points of the system design and operation quality control. So there must be a reasonable analysis and research, the production line to produce more high quality to meet the requirements of sand gravel aggregate.

Finally: the design process of sand production line must fully consider the production site of self thermal environment comprehensive factors, according to the site environment to select a suitable process.

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