How to identify a sedimentary rock in the Philippines?

    Date:  2016-06-29Author:  ZENITH

 Sedimentary rock is one of the main rocks of three kinds of lithosphere (the other two are magmatic rock and metamorphic rock). Is the place that is not too deep in the earth's surface, the rock weathering products and some other volcanoes, through water or ice transportation, deposition and diagenesis of the formation of the rocks. In the earth's surface, 70% of the rocks are sedimentary rocks, but if the 16 kilometers from the earth's surface to the deep of the lithosphere, sedimentary rocks accounts for only 5%. Sedimentary rocks are mainly consists of limestone, sandstone, shale, etc. Mineral found in sedimentary rocks, accounting for 80% of the total mineral deposit in the world. Compared with igneous and metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks in the fossil suffered little damage, more easily also intact, so it is very important for archaeology research goal.Common sedimentary rocks: angular conglomerate, conglomerate, sandstone, silty sandstone, mudstone, shale, limestone.

sedimentary rock


1.weathering, it includes mechanical weathering, chemical and biological weathering. Mechanical weathering is based on the rock formed by looking at the collapse has broken into different sizes of debris; Chemical weathering is caused by water, oxygen, carbon dioxide chemistry break down to form clastic rock; Bacteria, fungi, algae, such as biological weathering can also be decomposed rock.

2.the volcano spit out a large amount of volcanic material.

3. plants and animals in the organic matter in sediments also occupies certain proportion.

4. the source of sediments, quantity is little, such as meteorites.

sedimentary rock

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