Difference between jaw crusher and cone crusher

    Date:  2016-07-01Author:  ZENITH

 1. The cone crusher production capacity of than jaw crusher production capacity more than doubled, and the power consumption is low.

jaw crusher

(jaw crusher )

2 the base weight of the cone crusher is usually 2-3 times of the weight of the machine, while the base of the jaw crusher is 5-10 times of the weight of the machine itself. But taper crushing machine fuselage is higher, adds to the factory and the basic construction cost. It can therefore be used to greater production capacity of the factory.

cone crusher

(cone crusher)

3 cone crusher for crushing wet and sticky ore, but for hard ores are flaky and elongated, generally need two, even more than two sets of jaw crusher can meet the production requirements, with only one cone crusher can replace the.

4 cone crusher can be packed to the mine, no need to add directly to the ore bin and feeder. The jaw crusher is not full to mine, and mine to uniform, so it needs to set up another ore bin and feeder.

5 cone crusher is easy to start, and jaw crusher need to use the rotating heavy flywheel to start, but the cone crusher installation, maintenance is more complex.

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