Advantages and disadvantages of surface mining technology

    Date:  2016-07-05Author:  ZENITH

 Surface mining is first covered with earth and rock above the ore body stripping, from top to bottom of the ore body is divided into several stepped mining method directly in the open air. When the ore body buried in shallow, Surface mining is most advantageous.

surface mining


1. Can be used large machinery and equipment, conducive to automate production, increase the intensity of mining and ore production.

2. Resource high recovery rate. General ore loss rate of 3% -5%.

3. The high labor productivity. Surface mining because the job conditions are good, high degree of mechanization, the high labor productivity.

4. Low cost of production. Cost open-pit mining is generally 50% -75% lower cost than underground mining, is conducive to large-scale mining of low-grade ore.

5. mining conditions are good, the workplaces safer.

6. The construction speed, low unit ore capital investment.


1. The more land is occupied, the surface is damaged, the environment is polluted.

2. The great impact of climate factors. Such as cold, snow, heat and torrential rains.

3. burying ore deposit demanding. In deeply buried deposits, Surface mining is limited in scope.

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