What is the slag in the Philippines and what is its mineral composition?

    Date:  2016-07-07Author:  ZENITH

 After dressing or smelting ore residue as slag. Including SiO2 more slag of acidic slag, Al2O3 and CaO for alkaline slag. The activity of alkaline slag is higher than acid slag.


Slag grinding technology

1.The common grinding clinker and slag and gypsum

2.Separate grinding of slag, and then mixed with cement clinker, gypsum powder into cement;

3.Separate pre - grinding of slag, and then together with clinker, gypsum grinding. But because of the first kind of grinding technology, slag is easy to concentrate in the coarse powder.

Slag use and harm

In industrial production, slag plays an important role, especially in some major factories. Slag cement, slag Portland cement, slag wool, blast furnace slag, granulated blast furnace slag, granulated blast furnace slag powder, copper slag, slag vertical mill. Saving energy consumption.

Also due to extensive mining, not only resulted in lack of underground space, easy to cause earthquakes, and slag for air has certain pollution years in the mine staff also easy to respiratory disease caused by the slag.

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