Influence of surface mining on the environment in Philippines

    Date:  2016-07-08Author:  ZENITH

water pollution: surface mining destroyed a lot of land, piled up all kinds of waste rock, slag and tailings also occupy a lot of land. Mines topsoil stripping usually ignore the preservation of arable soil, leading to serious soil and water loss; after the destruction of surface vegetation, wind and water erosion, large tracts of land appear desertification.

surface mining

geological hazards: ground and slope excavation affect the mountain, slope stability, resulting in rock deformation, induced landslides and landslides and other geological disasters. Mine waste emissions (slag) often accumulate in hillside or valley, the debris flow prone to rainstorm induced.

solid waste pollution: In the vicinity of the surface mining, due to the destruction of the landscape makes the tourism environment is very inconsistent.

damage to the water environment system: mining waste slag, tailings exposed in the atmosphere, where the occurrence of sulfide oxidation to precipitation as acid rain, mining areas near the surface water pollution, can not drink and irrigation.

air pollution: surface mining because of a large number of large-scale use of mechanical equipment and large blasting, so that the mine air pollution caused by a series of dust, such as blasting and the use of diesel powered equipment, etc.. The main pollutants are dust, harmful toxic gases and radioactive aerosols.

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