Introduction to the resources of Philippines copper mine

    Date:  2016-07-13Author:  ZENITH

  Philippines mainly in mineral resources more than 20 kinds of copper, gold, silver, iron, chromium and nickel. Copper reserves of about 48 tons, 10.9 tons of nickel, 1.36 tons of gold. Geothermal resources are expected to have 20.9 billion barrels of crude oil standard energy. Oil reserves of about a barrel of oil reserves in the northwest of Palawan.

Philippines copper mine

  In the Philippines metal mineral, copper reserves of 48 tons, accounting for 67.5% of the total reserves of the metal ore. The Philippines copper deposit is dominated by the porphyry copper deposit, which is distributed all over the country. The main copper producing areas in Northern Luzon Zambales mountains, Benguet, Nueva Viscaya and southern Surigao del Norte, Davao, Davao Oriental. Geological prospecting work shows that there are still a large number of copper deposits and copper deposits in Philippines.

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