Philippines Mining: Lopez Gina and Duterte's policy on Mining

    Date:  2016-07-15Author:  ZENITH

Since the appointment of the new president RodrigoDuterte GinaLopez as the environment and natural resources minister since the job, mining has become the country's most talked about topic.

The following list of initiatives taken by the Duterte government to date in the mining industry.

1. " responsible" mines can continue to operate

During his campaign in February, Duterte expressed his request for mining companies to become "responsible mines". He said that mining companies should follow similar mining standards in Australia and Canada, or will receive sanctions.

After the election, he repeated the position.

On the other hand, Lopez once quoted him as saying that there was no complete "responsible" mine.

If there is a responsible mine, then why is there a mining where there is poverty?" She said. "The country's poorest places have a mining industry figure," Lopez said.

In an interview, Lopez said what the mining industry can be called a responsible, "you must have the highest standards" referred to mining companies to follow the ISO14001 certification as a responsible mine assessment criteria.

2. 1995 Philippines mining law is not fair

In her interview, Lopez said that the 1995 Philippines Mining Act was "unfair", because "mainly for the sake of mining companies, rather than for the people to develop".

"You can't build a company on the suffering of the people for the sake of economic benefit. "I will not allow this to happen," she said.

3. Impartial mining companies review

When she ordered a nationwide mine review, Lopez assured her that she would be fair.

"The review will be conducted fairly. I will be committed to the truth, "she said, warning that companies breaking the law will face the consequences.

Review team will not only review the technical aspects, will also review the social, environmental and other aspects, the team members include agriculture, fisheries experts, water experts, will involve the development of community residents.

On her first day in office, Lopez ordered the domestic mining companies to accept the review, which has so far suspended 6 companies.

In July 25th, he will describe whether Duterte of mining policy in his first state of the union, we will wait and see.

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