Where did the gold go for a few centuries?

    Date:  2016-07-18Author:  ZENITH

 Australia is the world's biggest gold storage, has proven reserves reached 7300 tons, at present production also accounted for a 9% of global, future, Australia is likely to will gradually become the world's biggest gold producer. Traditional gold big country, South Africa, in the industry's status has declined, but its 8% of the world's production and 6000 tons of gold reserves is still an important force in the gold industry. In addition, Russia, Chile can not be overlooked in the global market position, the distribution of 5000 tons and 3500 tons of reserves.


In fact, more than half of the world's gold, that is, 51% or the use of raw materials as a jewelry industry, there are 12% for practical industrial and technical purposes, and another 17% of gold has become the gold reserves of all countries.
Of course, there are 18% of the gold into the investment field, and this field, all kinds of product classification is very complex, including the gold securities products, mutual funds, ETF funds, futures, etc..
Also a rough calculation, the history of human accumulative exploitation of the but 16.66 million tons of gold, coal, iron, etc., compared with the metal, the number is really too small, but also fully embodies the value of precious metals.

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