What is Mining Engineer?

    Date:  2016-07-19Author:  ZENITH

Mining engineer is refers to have the basic theory and method of solid (coal, metal and non-metallic) deposit mining, have the basic ability of the mining engineer, engaged in the field of mining development plan of mine area, mine (underground and open) design, mines safety technology and engineering design, supervision, production technology, Management Science in Higher Engineering and technical personnel.

Mining engineer

Work  content

1. participate in the review of the major design of mine, responsible for arranging the mining progress plan, guide the mining plan, participate in the preparation of the company mining plan, and supervise the implementation of the plan;

2. presided over the implementation of mining construction design, select the appropriate mining methods;

3. responsible for technical guidance, supervision, management and safety management of mining construction site;

4. responsible for the management of mining production technology, the completion of the production tasks, technical renovation and transformation of supervision, inspection;

5. responsible for mining production cost control, technical and economic indicators control;

6. organize the development of new technology, new machinery and new technology in mining area;

7. responsible for monitoring and controlling the production system of mine safety, implement the index of safety production responsibility, to ensure the safety of production;

8. participate in the production of mining, technical consultation, and put forward the guiding opinions;

9. to assist in the handling of mining and mining accidents, responsible for the collation and archiving of mining technical data.

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