What is clay and its use?

    Date:  2016-07-20Author:  ZENITH

Clay is a soil with little sand and sticky soil, it is not easy to pass through, and it has good plasticity.


Use of Clay

1. production of industrial ceramics, clay mineral kaolin, bentonite, activated clay. From the earliest China kaolin mining in Jiangxi Gaoling village, used in the manufacture of ceramics. The bentonite in the United States in 1888 Wyoming mining began in the United States for the first time, active clay mining in Texas in 1906.

2. made of cement, mixed with lime and cement

3. model in industry, model making and art. The artist uses clay to make a model, but it is also applied to the clay to shape the art directly.

4. in drinking water processing and other chemical processes as an ion exchanger.

5. fill in the paint industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

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