Bauxite resources in philippines

    Date:  2016-07-21Author:  ZENITH

Bauxite is mainly concentrated in the central eastern coast of the Philippines Visayas islands of Samar Island. Estimated geological reserves of 242 million tons, with an average Al2O3 content of 40.80%, with a total value of about $ 21 billion. 1970s geological exploration work here are very active, there was a foreign company has developed development plan, due to the time of the Marcos government announced that the Philippine government to develop bauxite resources in the region is not achieved, so far stalled.


Where the greatest potential for the mining Mining Western Samar province BARI, AMPI mining area, type of deposit type Sanshui bauxite laterite, no native bauxite deposits occur in karst depressions, the ore was loose earthy, ore minerals are gibbsite and a boehmite, AI2O3 average of 45%.

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