Gold, silver resources in philippines

    Date:  2016-07-21Author:  ZENITH

Located in the western Pacific tectonic-magmatic activity with a Philippine region of Indonesia, produced a large number of low sulphidation epithermal gold deposits.

Main gold mine in the Philippines Baguio, Paracale, Masbate, Surigao and Masara. Gold ore reserves of 136 million tons. 2002 Philippine Environment and Mineral and Geoscience Department of Natural Resources to assess the Philippine gold ore reserves of 970 million tons. Geological experts are considered, according to the geological characteristics of the Philippines, the largest and richest gold deposits in the Philippines is likely to be close to the forces of nature reserves dislocation region, the recent gold exploration work has shallow reservoir development. An Australian prospecting company in Rapu-Rapu Island reserves discovered more than 6 million tons of gold - copper - silver, 3 grams per ton of gold ore, silver, 37 g; content of 1.46% copper, 2.33% zinc content. (Usually silver associated with gold, copper, gold production, a by-product of copper). 61% of the whole Philippine gold mining reserves in the Visayas region, the East Negro province is also an important mineral district.


GOLD Cebu province, mainly in the town of Toledo copper mine area, prior to 1994, while in copper mining, and refining of gold has been mined 42,950 ounces per ton gold ore was 0.23 grams. Atlas estimates that the mine also mined 461,256 ounces of gold. In addition, Sigpit Toledo area town also has some small-scale mining, gold content is relatively high, gold per ton of ore up to 9.85 g. Kangsuo La Yuichi (Consolacion) The Garing area also found gold mine. Ore sampling and analysis Ayungon Region East Negro province, found gold per ton of ore up to 4-5 grams, Amlan River Canyon 3 grams of gold ore. Siaton regions GOLD possible. Bohol is also a small-scale gold mining, gold mining has in Tuba-tuba, Kauswagan, Bonakan, Sto. Nino, Cangmundo, San Vicente, Cantabugnay these areas, taking ore samples analyzed, the gold content of 4.1 grams.

In 2007, the world's fourth largest copper producer Xstrata Copper announced Tampakan (Tampakan) copper-gold project, according to the new data, there are 659 million tons of proven ore reserves, measured resources, resource estimation, Inferred resources totaling 2.2 billion tons (0.32 grams of gold per ton of ore), containing a total of 15.2 million ounces of gold.

Also, Toledo copper reserves of 5 million ounces of gold.

Usually associated silver and copper, the production of gold, copper byproduct. Atlas Mining Toledo, per ton of ore containing 2.05 grams of silver, but also about refining 1.75 million ounces. Other areas also have silver Maypay, Matugan, Mabini-Panoypanoy. Matugan high silver content of silver per ton of ore to reach 0.2-6.02 oz.

The geological characteristics of the deposit, such as the northern part of Luzon, Philippines Baguio mine Acupan-Antamocu gold deposits, veins occur both in the Oligocene Pliocene intrusive rock body, he appeared in the same period of volcanic and sedimentary rocks of volcanic . Deposit by faults and volcanic mechanism control. The main types of mineralized quartz vein mineralization. Because as epithermal gold deposits, and is formed on top of an underlying porphyry copper deposit.

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