limestone, gypsum resources in philippines

    Date:  2016-07-22Author:  ZENITH

Limestone storage of different geological ages in the province of Bohol, 50% of the island, is the province's first non metallic mineral resources, in the region of the Garcia-Hernandez have industrial limestone reserves of about 1.8 million tons (Phil. sinter Corp.). Tony Grosso, Guihulngan and La Libertad town about 1935 hectares of cement material with limestone 94.73 million tons, chemical analysis with 0.32%-55.32% silicon oxide, 0.57%-8.97% ferric oxide and aluminum oxide of the 0.12%-21.18%, 6.41%-53.38% calcium oxide and 0.28%-17.16% oxygen of magnesium. In Dalaopan Barangay and Tayasan there are 77%-89% calcium sulfate content of 500 thousand tons of gypsum reserves. In Cebu province Shishou lime to storage in Naga and San area of Fernando, Aloagate and Languyon in the gypsum storage River basin. Storage of limestone in the province of Siquijor Brrio Simaculong and Lazi. In Bgy, Helen, larena is calcirudite and clastic limestone rock.

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