Manganese Ore Resources in philippines

    Date:  2016-07-25Author:  ZENITH

The manganese deposits in the province of Bohol, from the volcano rock weathering, out of limestone surface.

In Tabanan anda Peninsula in southeastern, Guindulman, Bo.Tayud, anda region and the northern Pangpang areas all have manganese ore the commercial exploitation of, and reserves of smaller areas such as Jagna, Duero and Buenavista, Carmen etc., and anda regions Guindulman new frontier mine company has proven reserves of containing 20% manganese manganese ores of 12 million tons. Other such as the province of Siquijor larena, Maria area have the Zambales base metal company belongs to 11.9 million tons containing 28% of the manganese ore reserves, larena, Maria, Enrique Villanueva area new frontier mines company belongs containing manganese 33.61% manganese 11.7 million tons. According to another report, in Luzon, Duke Paz regions have manganese ore (2 million 700 thousand tons of rich ore).

philippines manganese

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