nickel ore resources in philippines

    Date:  2016-07-25Author:  ZENITH

According to the survey of the US Geological Survey (USGS), Philippines nickel ore total reserves of about 15.86 million tons (total reserves for proven reserves, reserves and possible reserves), accounting for 15.5% of the total ore reserves. Which has proven reserves of 10.2 million tons, accounting for total nickel ore reserves of 93.72%, the average quality range in the 0.23%-2.47%; reserves 56.3 million tonnes, representing 5.17%, quality in 0.36%-1.24%; may reserves of 12.1 million tons, quality range in the 0.23%-2.27%.

nickel philippines

Primary nickel ore from Philippines rarely, nickel for almost all of the secondary deposit, of which 99% for nickel laterite ore, high nickel content of bauxite, mostly in shallow soil, easy mining and low cost. Laterite nickel ore concentrated in Davao Oriental and Palawan, reserves were 475.7 million tons, accounting for the total reserves of 43.69%) and 4.071 billion tons (accounting for the total reserves of 37.38%). Other provinces with large nickel deposits also have del Norte Surigao and Zambales. Another, nihao mineral resources international company for its Zambales Zambales province Botolan mining area in the early exploration display nickel ore grade is 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8%.

The main nickel deposits in Philippines are as follows:

1. Nonoc nickel

The Nonoc mine is one of the world's largest nickel mine in 1960s. According to the June 2000 research report, nickel reserves of 1.3 tons of inferred resources.

2. Mindoro nickel

In Manila, 200 km of the proposed Island, Norway Mindex ASA prospecting, exploration in the proposed found total reserves for 225 million tons (dry weight) of the nickel and the nickel content of 1%, cobalt content of 0.1%. (cobalt, usually associated with nickel, is an important byproduct of the production of nickel).

3. Caga nickel

Recoverable reserves of 12 million 740 thousand tons, nickel grade 1.58%, cobalt grade 0.11%.

4. Taganito nickel

Reserves of 11 million 500 thousand tons, nickel grade 2.38%.

5. Rio Tuba mine

Ore reserves of 1 million 500 thousand tons, nickel grade 2.3%.

6. Hinatuan nickel

Reserves of 250 thousand tons, nickel grade 1.4%.

7. Adlay nickel

Recoverable reserves of 5 million 820 thousand tons, nickel grade 1.61%, cobalt grade 0.09%.

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