Asteroid of mining is possible to achieve it?

    Date:  2016-07-26Author:  ZENITH

What is the rare ore asteroid?

Now it has been found that asteroids can be divided into three categories, one is a carbonaceous asteroid, one is siliceous asteroids, there is a class of metal quality asteroids. In the meantime, carbon and metallic asteroids have capital, economic value is infinite, that can be used as human beings. Detailed speaking, carbonaceous asteroids rich in hydrogen and carbon and oxygen, nitrogen and other elements, can supply fuel for space exploration. And metal asteroids is mainly composed of iron and nickel composition, some asteroids in platinum metal element content is also very rich, such as platinum, cobalt, rhodium, iridium, osmium and rare metals.

asteroid ore

There is almost no gravity on an asteroid, so it does not use a heavy machine. All the ships and equipment needed to be fixed on the asteroid. 

In addition, NASA's curiosity Rover once this sharp mountain in the neighborhood found on Mars veins, here also found several times repeated presentation of the liquid water, so scientists estimate more lucrative sharp mountains below the mineral deposits.

So, from the asteroid mining is the reality very soon.

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