Chrome iron ore resources in philippines

    Date:  2016-07-26Author:  ZENITH

Philippines has 9 chromium ophiolite belt, chromium rich iron ore resources. According to the official data of Philippines in 1982, total reserves of 30 million 200 thousand tons of chromium iron ore. Chromite mainly exists in Luzon and Surigao province of Zambales province north of Dinagat island. The CHROMITE DEPOSIT size, larger chromite reserves in millions of tons. The magmatic deposit mainly has chromite deposits in samar.

Chrome iron ore

1. Zambales province chromite resources

There are 62 known Zambales mountains chromium iron ore production, there are only 21 geological data. Chromite deposit of Acoje, Kinamaligan, Gahalao, Silaguin, Coto and typical ore deposits of the block, and to Acoje chromite deposits in is the most famous.

2. Dinagat Island chromite resources

Dinagat Island is one of the regions that are relatively enriched in the Philippines, the country mainly chromite resources, in the 1830s was found for the first time the existence of chromite. In the Dinagat Island found chromite, also found 2 gold mines and 2 nickel ore.

Multiple chromite are found in the north central part of the island, to the North Acojc--Mount Kanbilio--Krominco seven deposit, central Velqre 7 ore deposit.

3. Samar chromite deposit

Samar chromite deposit is 1976-1981 years, exploration, including Mcarthar, Porlos, Salcedo and other 3 chromium iron ore deposit. The deposit of Mcarthar containing mine area of 50 square kilometers, in the shoe cover in the serpentine Petrochemical olive rock and peridotite massif of eluvial laterite, 1-6 meters) thick. The ore body is layered containing ore volume 35.4 million cubic meters, with an average deposit rate was 59.3 kg / m3.

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