Iron ore resources in philippines

    Date:  2016-07-27Author:  ZENITH

In the region will be able to contain 1.4 tons of iron ore reserves. In the Tony Grosso province Tagpo, Sab-Ahan and Lonoy, Bais, iron ore reserves of 89 thousand tons. In the middle of the eastern part of the Lu Song, North Gan Ma Jen Domaco iron ore deposits, 10 million tons of iron ore resources. Another in Cebu Province, Talamban has a replacement type iron ore deposits.

In Cebu province iron ore mainly in talamban storage metasomatic deposit, formed along the calcareous layers of volcanic sedimentary focused, ore bright color, a lot of hematite, magnetite, limonite and pyrite followed, gangue is composed of malachite, azurite, calcite, garnet and chlorite, epidote stone, quartz and iron magnesium mineral.

The Domaco iron ore deposit, eastern North Luzon Island is located in the southwest city, Gansu Province Ma Ren's class. For the pre survey area in the amount of 10 million tons of iron ore resources.

Ore is mainly magnetite ore. Natural type is disseminated, dense block weak magnetic iron ore; industrial type: according to the (Cao MgO) / (Al2O3 SiO2) ratio was 0.27 determined for acidic ores, and associated useful elements and harmful elements (s content was 2.70%) are more than the requirements, dressing in order to take advantage of, so the industrial type is required to select a magnetite ore.

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