What are the risks faced by underground mines workers?

    Date:  2016-07-27Author:  ZENITH

Miners work there is a certain risk, may be met with an accident, such as: natural gas blowout accident, coal mine water permeability, gas explosion accident, etc.

After the accident occurred underground disaster, generally have a development process from small to large.

Mine Disarster

When an accident occurs, the presence of personnel must be clear headed, calm, calm, to try to understand the location of the accident to determine the location, nature, extent and location of the disaster may affect the location, quickly report to the mine control room.

To ensure personnel safety conditions, the use of nearby equipment, tools and materials timely processing, the elimination of accident, when cannot handle, shall be the presence of people in charge or experienced older workers lead, according to the actual situation of the location of the disaster, safe routes to quickly evacuate from the dangerous area.

When the occurrence of underground fire, gas and coal dust explosion, coal and gas or carbon dioxide and other prominent disaster, underground personnel should immediately wear self-help escape, from poisoned or suffocated to death.

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