Why are rare earth mine so important?

    Date:  2016-07-29Author:  ZENITH

In the metallurgical industry:

Rare earth metal and rare earth fluoride, silicides are added to the steel, to refining, desulfurization, and low melting point of harmful impurities, and can improve the processing properties of steel; rare earth ferrosilicon alloy, rare earth silicon magnesium alloy as a ball of agent in the production of rare-earth nodular cast iron, due to the ductile cast iron especially in production of special requirements of complex ductile iron parts, is widely used in automobile, tractor, diesel engines and other machinery manufacturing; rare earth metal is added to magnesium, aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel and other nonferrous alloy in can improve the physical and chemical properties of the alloy, and improve the alloy at room temperature and high temperature mechanical properties.

In the petrochemical industry:

The catalyst with molecular sieve made of rare earth, has the advantages of high activity, good selectivity and strong resistance to heavy metal poisoning, which replaces the aluminum silicate catalyst used in petroleum catalytic cracking process; in ammonia production process, with a small amount of rare earth nitrate as catalyst, the gas volume is 1.5 times bigger than in Ni Al catalyst; synthesis of isoprene rubber and butadiene rubber in the process of using naphthenic acid rare earth aluminum products three kinds of catalyst, the obtained performance is excellent, with less equipment fubberized, stable operation, postprocessing the advantages of short process; composite rare earth oxides can also be used as an internal combustion engine exhaust purification catalysts, cerium naphthenate is also used as a paint drier etc..

rare earth mine

In glass ceramics:

Rare earth oxide or rare earth concentrate after processing, can be used as a polishing powder is widely used in polishing of optical glass, glass sheet, tube, tube, plate glass, plastic and metal tableware; in the glass melting process, using two cerium oxide has very strong oxidation of iron, reduced iron glass in order to achieve the purpose of removing, green glass; rare earth oxides can be made of optical glass and special glass for different purposes, including through infrared, ultraviolet absorbing glass, heat resistant glass, anti acid and X- ray glass; rare earth in ceramic glaze and glaze, fragmentation can reduce the glaze, and can make the products show different color and luster, is widely used in ceramic industry.

In new materials:

Rare earth cobalt and neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic material, with high remanence, high coercivity and high energy product, is widely used in electronic and aerospace industries; pure rare earth oxides and iron oxide into combinations of garnet single crystal and polycrystal, can be used in microwave and electronic industry; made of neodymium oxide yttrium aluminum garnet and neodymium glass can be used as solid laser materials; rare earth boride six can be used for the production of cathode electron emission; lanthanum nickel hydrogen storage material is developed in 70s; lanthanum chromate is high temperature thermoelectric material; in recent years, the superconducting material barium oxide yttrium barium copper oxide used in the world are improved the obtained superconductor at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, the development of superconducting material has made a breakthrough.

In addition, rare earth elements are widely used in electronics, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, energy, light industry, environmental protection, agriculture and other fields. Application of rare earth production fluorescent material, rare earth metal hydride battery materials, electric light source materials, permanent magnetic material, storage hydrogen materials, catalytic materials, precision ceramic materials, laser materials, superconducting materials, magnetic expansion material, magnetic refrigeration material, magnetic optical storage materials, optical fiber materials.

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