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Dolomite crystal belongs to trigonal system of carbonate minerals. Chemical composition CaMg (CO3) 2. When iron or manganese atoms than magnesium, known as iron and manganese dolomite or dolomite. Tripartite crystal, the crystal was rhombohedral crystal faces often curved into the saddle, polysynthetic twinning common. Aggregates often grainy. Who is pure white; when gray iron; weathered brown. Shiny glass. Slow bubbling when cold dilute hydrochloric acid. Dolomite is the main mineral composition. Marine sedimentary origin of dolomite often associated with siderite layers interbedded limestone layer into output. In lacustrine sediments, dolomite and gypsum, anhydrite, halite, sylvite and other symbiotic.

Day operation: 14-15 hours

Feed: dolomite finished

products: dolomite flour


Dolomite Applications: dolomite after chemical processing to produce light calcium phosphate, oral calcium, calcium food industry additives, bulking agent, and advanced toothpaste friction agents, feed additives, phosphorus, and calcium lactate gluconate, calcium chloride calcium carbide (calcium carbide), also can be used as refractory materials used in the field of metallurgical smelting industry, glass, ceramic industry, building materials industry, and environmental protection industries. As can be seen from dolomite application, we need to break through the powder into the professional mill mechanism, and then applied to all walks of life.

Dolomite investment prospects: As rich dolomite CaO, MgO, as an inexpensive material slagging either replace part lime to improve the effect of slag, after processing mill equipment and can replace expensive magnesium slag ball improve performance and reduce the cost of the converter materials. Significant economic benefits, while making full use of local mineral resources, promote local economic development. After years of combined application of dolomite slag slag splashing technology practice in the furnace and the major indexes increase has played a significant role in promoting. Dolomite slag process is simple and can be used alone, in combination dross furnace protection processes, and play better results can also be combined with slag splashing process. For each type of converter can be used, application prospect.

Dolomite processing equipment

Dolomite through vibrating feeder into the jaw crusher primary crushing, after the bulk material crushing by the lifting conveyor into the mill of dolomite crushing small pieces of material, and finally polishing the finished product. Dolomite Mill optional European version of the trapezium mill dolomite, dolomite Raymond mill (high pressure grinding) and the like.

(A) the European version of the Trapezium Mill dolomite

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European version of the Trapezium Mill dolomite

Sebang machine production European version of the trapezium mill dolomite grinding absorb the latest European technology and ideas, dolomite mill in the years of research experience, based on careful study of the latest innovation designed dolomite processing equipment. European version of the trapezium mill dolomite excellent production to meet customer demand for 200-33μm (80-425Mesh) fine powder.

Product advantages:

1. reasonable structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency.

2. low production cost, high performance.

3. to improve efficiency separator and classifier accuracy.

4. curved blade interchangeable blade.

5. good stability, high reliability.

(B) dolomite Raymond mill (high pressure grinding)


Dolomite Raymond mill (high pressure grinding)

Raymond mill also known as dolomite or tilting Raymond mill, ultrafine powder dolomite efficient use closed cycle apparatus of my company, to a certain extent, can replace the ball mill is a very common dolomite powder production equipment. Suitable for processing the following seven Mohs hardness, moisture in the various non-explosive ore below 6%.

Product advantages:

1. good overall performance, low cost, high efficiency.

2. reasonable structure, production system, through screening rate.

3. good stability, high reliability.

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