Modern prospecting method

    Date:  2016-08-02Author:  ZENITH

Mineral resources are a kind of non renewable natural resources, which play a very important role in human life. Their constant consumption and increasing demands require human beings to explore and search for different kinds of new mineral resources. Because the mineral is only in some special geological environment, in the surface of the exposed or equivalent to the surface level of the area of the smaller, how to explore and find it?

Find Mineral

The application of modern prospecting personnel to the application of the knowledge of geology, the selection of the geological structure of the area to be conducive to the study of the earth.

At the same time, can be selectively to tectonic belt or metallogenic belt in some parts of the aeromagnetic survey or airborne electromagnetic measurement, so that you can in several hundred to several thousand square kilometers of range selected with magnetic or electromagnetic geological body.

In geology major find mine personnel of abnormal for preliminary tests can be arranged after the detailed geological mapping, ground magnetic survey, soil geochemical exploration, measurement of radioactivity, trenching, and induced polarization measurement in order to determine the specific drilling position.

Drilling is a very important step in the process of ore prospecting. This is because only drilling work can really reflect the depth of the geological situation of the core extracted from the rig.

The cores of the observed observed with surface geological phenomenon analysis, grade and mineralization of contrast, is only can basically clear the mineralized bodies in the deep of the distribution, shape and taste the important geological conditions.

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