Working principle and operation method of cone crusher

    Date:  2016-08-09Author:  ZENITH

Cone crusher is jaw crusher, impact crusher, compound crusher, roll crusher in a crusher

The main features of the cone crusher:

1. High crushing ratio and production efficiency.

2. Less spare part consumption and low operation cost.

3. Better finished product shape.

4. Hydraulic protection and hydraulic clearing, high automatization and less production stop and repairing time.

5. Thin oil lubrication makes the service time increase.

6. Manifold crushing cavity.

7. Easy maintenance and operation.

8. The crusher can provide customers a higher capacity, better product shape, and easy to be operated.

cone crusher

Working principle of cone crusher:

1.  The working surface between the movable cone and the cone is broken.

2.  Cone crusher motor through the horizontal axis and a pair of bevel gear driven partial rotation of the hub, crushing cone axis in forced motion of the eccentric shaft sleeve, rotary motion, the broken wall surface sometimes sometimes near left rolling mortar wall surface, so that the ore in the crushing cavity constantly subjected to compression and bending and is broken.

ZENITH mobile cone crusher

Operation mode of cone crusher:

1. The appropriate adjustment of the spring and the elastic tension of the transmission belt.

2. Do a good job of lubrication equipment, the temperature can not be too high or too low, but also pay attention to regular replacement of lubricating oil, and keep the oil clean.

3. Cone crusher should be on the order of the boot and shutdown, in the production should pay attention to the prohibition of overload operation. Stop before the end of the feeding, all the material in the standby period before emptying can be shut down.

4. Cone broken in the work to the material to be uniform, while paying attention to the material can not be too wet too sticky, not too many fine grain, material size can not be too large.

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