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    Date:  2016-08-12Author:  ZENITH

Philippines to implement export-oriented economic model, services, industrial and agricultural output value accounted for 47% of GDP, respectively, 33% and 20%. Among them, the industrial working population 15.7% of the total employed population. Manufacturing accounts for about 71% of industrial output value, accounting for about 16% of the construction industry, the mining industry accounts for about 3% (2005).

The Philippines is rich in mineral resources, mainly divided into precious metal ore, ferroalloy ore, base metal ore, fertilizer minerals, industrial minerals, precious stones and decorative quarry six. Is the world's major copper, gold, chromium, nickel, cobalt producer and exporter of iron, coal, oil and gas, sand and other mineral resources are very rich. Mining industry has great potential.

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Our company specializes in exporting mining machine equipment and around a set of equipment. Currently set up offices in the Philippines, the Philippines, for our customers to provide personalized service, as well as assessing the entire ore production line installation, production guidance, after-sales service. And if you want to buy a mobile crusher, small stone crusher, or calculation of stone crusher plant cost, you can contact our office in the Philippines.

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