Rich mineral resources of Antarctica

    Date:  2016-08-12Author:  ZENITH

The Antarctic region is extremely rich in mineral resources. According to the distribution of resources has been identified, coal, iron and oil reserves of the world's first, the other mineral resources are also under investigation process. In the Antarctic area, it is expected to find more and more abundant mineral resources, and put forward scientific basis for human use of these resources.

The Antarctic continental Permian coal seams are mainly distributed in the Antarctic ice sheet, reserves of about 5000 tons.


Iron ore is one of the richest mineral resources in Antarctica. In the Antarctic continent, mainly in the South east. Survey according to scientists, in the strata in the southern Prince Charles mountains, in the late Archean to Proterozoic, a thickness of 400 meters, 120 km long ~ 180 km and 5 km wide ~ 10 km of the banded rich magnetite iron formations, the average grade of ore in 32% ~ 58%, which is with industrial production value of rich iron ore deposits, preliminary estimates of the reserves available to the world development and utilization of 200 years and is today the world's largest iron rich mineral deposits. Interesting is, if along the Prince Charles mountains, Antarctica where longitude range (60 degrees north latitude to 70 degrees) has been walking north, almost in the same longitude almost symmetrical polar regions, and is a world-class iron ore area.

Antarctic area of about 50 billion to 100 billion barrels of oil storage, natural gas reserves of about 30000 ~ 50000 billion cubic meters. Ross Sea, the Antarctic Weddell Sea and Bellingshausen sea and the Antarctic continental shelf is the main origin of oil and gas.

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