The concept of energy science

    Date:  2016-08-15Author:  ZENITH

Energy is the source of all kinds of energy. Specifically energy refers to coal, crude oil, natural gas, electric power, coke, coal gas, heat, refined oil, liquefied petroleum gas, biomass and other direct or through processing, conversion and made useful for a variety of resources.

Conventional energy is the energy which has been widely used in mass production and widely used, also called traditional energy sources, such as coal, oil, natural gas, is the main energy to promote social progress and civilization.

new energy

New energy is a form of energy that is different from traditional energy sources. Its various forms are directly or indirectly derived from the sun or the heat generated by the interior of the earth. Solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, water energy and ocean energy, and the energy produced by the bio fuels and hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources.

Geothermal energy is a kind of natural phenomenon, which is widely existed in the earth's crust.

Nuclear energy (also known as atomic energy) is the energy that is released when the structure of the nucleus is changed. Nuclear energy release usually have two kinds of methods: one heavy atom splits into two or more lighter nuclei, to produce a chain reaction, releasing tremendous energy, said nuclear fission energy, such as the atomic bomb explosion; another is two lighter nucleus polymerization into a heavier nucleus, release enormous energy, known for nuclear fusion energy, such as the hydrogen bomb explosion.

Wind is a natural phenomenon on the earth, it is caused by the solar radiation heat. The sun shines on the earth's surface, the surface of the earth's surface is heated and different, resulting in a temperature difference, which causes the air to form a wind. Wind energy is the kinetic energy produced by a large amount of air flow on the surface of the earth.

Ocean energy refers to the renewable energy that is attached to the sea, and the ocean receives, stores and distribute energy through various physical processes.

Tidal energy is in form of marine energy potential. The tides in the sea are caused by the movement of the earth and the celestial bodies and the interaction between them.

Wave energy is the kinetic energy and potential energy of the ocean surface waves.

The temperature difference energy is the ocean energy which appears in the form of heat energy, also called the ocean thermal energy.

Salt difference can be in the form of chemical energy of the ocean can be.

Ocean current energy is the kinetic energy of the flow of sea water, mainly refers to the steady flow in the channel and the channel, and the regular flow of sea water caused by the tide.

Hydrogen is hydrogen atoms in high temperature and high pressure together into a helium atom reaction generated a huge amount of energy, is the future of human society a very important energy.

Biomass refers to the formation of a variety of organisms through photosynthesis, including all animals and plants and microorganisms. The so-called biomass energy, which is solar energy stored in the form of chemical energy in the form of energy, that is, biomass as the carrier of energy.

It is referred to as the natural flow is the potential energy and pressure energy and kinetic energy and other energy resources.

Solar energy generally refers to the solar radiation energy, the narrow sense of the solar energy is limited to the solar radiation energy of light and heat, light and light direct conversion.

Natural gas hydrate is a kind of ice like crystal formed by natural gas and water under high pressure and low temperature.

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