The mineral resources of the Arctic

    Date:  2016-08-16Author:  ZENITH

In today's world, most people first resources threatened by growing crises, concern is how much the amount of resources. Countries not only carry out scientific activities in the polar regions, but also carry out resource exploration.

The mineral deposits beyond the Arctic constitute another cause of the Arctic's industrial outlook. There is one of the world's largest copper nickel plutonium composite mineral base in Norilsk, one of the mineral base. Precious metal and diamond temptation has played an important role in the development of the Soviet Far East (especially the famous Kolyma region). In Alaska, it is estimated that Kotzebue in the north of the red dog mine has 85 million tons of ore, which zinc containing 17%, 5% lead, silver per ton of 75 grams, in order to be worth $11.1 billion (price 1983) of the world's largest ore


In Alaska to the gold mine area, from 1880 to 1943 has produced 108.5 tons of gold, an estimated 13.2 tons to be developed. The odd police near Sitka Gough had produced 24.8 tons of gold ore containing 9.3 tons, is still to be exploited. The development of precious metal ore in the Bering Strait as one falls, another rises. Although many of Alaska's gold mines are about to run out, a huge plan to deal with the 200 tons of ore is being proposed. In addition, silver Gelinkelike is the nation's largest potential silver, 1988 development and production capacity, processing 1000 tons of ore, estimated recoverable from 10 to 30 years.

In addition to the above mineral resources, there is also a uranium and plutonium and other radioactive elements, known as strategic mineral resources. If the salt mine on Prince Welsh Island, there are 285 thousand tons of plutonium ore deposits.

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