Classification of large energy families

    Date:  2016-08-17Author:  ZENITH

Energy family can be divided into primary and secondary energy two. Primary energy refers to the energy resources that exist in the original form in the nature. Natural energy. Including fossil fuels (such as coal, crude oil, natural gas, nuclear fuel, water, wind, solar energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, tidal energy, etc.). The sources of energy and renewable energy and non renewable energy. The former refers to that generates repeated natural energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biomass and other, these energy comes from the sun, can generate repeat; the latter with a little less, mainly of fossil fuel and nuclear fuel. Since the energy crisis in 1970s, all countries attach great importance to the non renewable energy conservation, and accelerate the research and development of renewable energy.

crude oil

Primary energy can be further divided into two categories: renewable energy and non renewable energy. Renewable energy, including solar energy, water, wind, biomass energy, wave energy, tidal energy, ocean temperature difference energy and so on. They can be recycled in nature. And non renewable energy, including coal, crude oil, natural gas, oil shale, nuclear energy and so on, they are not renewable, with a little, then a little less.

Two energy is defined as the energy that has been processed by an energy source, such as electricity, steam, gas, gasoline, diesel oil, heavy oil, liquefied petroleum gas, alcohol, methane, hydrogen and coke, etc.. In the production process of residual energy, such as high temperature flue gas, high temperature material heat, emission of gas and pressurized fluid, etc., also belong to the two energy. An energy, no matter how many times it is converted to another type of energy, collectively referred to as the two energy.

electric energy

Two energy and can be divided into "process energy" and "energy", energy is the most widely used process of energy, and gasoline and diesel is the most widely used energy. Two energy can also be interpreted as a self energy, the use of energy, such as coal combustion will produce steam to drive the generator, the power can be called the two energy. Or electricity can be used, through the electric fan, then converted into wind energy, wind energy can also be referred to as the two energy, the two energy and a certain degree of energy between the loss.


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