What is limestone rock used for?

    Date:  2016-08-18Author:  ZENITH

Limestone rock is an important industrial raw material in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, construction, agriculture and other special industrial sectors.

Limestone rock mining steps: wash the ore crushing, classification method to deal with the limestone ore to remove surface dirt, gravel, viscous mud pollution of sand. For the lower grade limestone or ore properties of large differences in the limestone, the flotation process can be used or photoelectric mineral processing method. Such as by flotation were limestone and quartz and iron separation; separation of limestone rock and dolomite and magnesite flotation process or photoelectric separation method.

Limestone is widely used in various sectors of the national economy and the people's life is an essential raw material.


Limestone mainly used:

(1) used in the construction industry for the production of cement and the burning of lime;

(2) the metallurgical industry used as flux;

(3) in the chemical industry used to make alkali, bleaching powder and fertilizer, etc.

(4) used as a clarifying agent in the food industry;

(5) used to improve soil in agriculture;

(6) used as a filler in the plastic industry;

(7) widely used in paint industry to make various architectural coatings;

(8) used as an alkaline filler in the paper industry;

(9) basic filler used in rubber industry;

(10) used as an adsorbent in the environmental protection industry

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