Natural gas resources

    Date:  2016-08-22Author:  ZENITH

The regional distribution of natural gas is mainly concentrated in the Middle East, Europe and the former Soviet Union, which accounts for 75.8% of the world's natural gas reserves. Followed by the Asia Pacific region, North America and North Africa, the distribution is also more concentrated. Minimum reserves in other areas. From a specific point of view, in order to Russia's largest reserves of 47 trillion and 650 billion cubic meters, accounting for 26.3% of the world's reserves; followed by Iran and qatar. Natural gas reserves in these three countries account for 55.8% of the world's total natural gas reserves.

Natural gas

2007 natural gas consumption increased by 3.1%, is the only growth accelerated fossil fuels. The largest increase in the world from the United States, its domestic natural gas production in the lag response to high energy prices soared 23 billion cubic meters, the United States in the production of unconventional natural gas share is also continuing to increase. Affected by the severe winter and continued below the price of fuel oil residue, the U.S. natural gas consumption growth is the largest in the world, an increase of 40 billion cubic meters. While Europe is another piece of picture, warm winter makes consumption declined by up to 80 billion cubic meters, just be offset by growth of 80 billion cubic meters of the former Soviet Union, the figure for the former Soviet Union also than usual to low.

In addition to Norway, Europe and Russia's natural gas production has declined. The growth of the former Soviet Union, especially in Azerbaijan, has kept the output of the whole region in good condition, even though it is the lowest growth rate since 2001. The depletion of Beihai gas field and the mature gas field in Russia are one of the reasons for the low production. Another reason is the decline in demand for natural gas and the lowest price in Europe relative to the spot price.

The world's second largest increase in production (18 billion cubic meters) and consumption (27 billion cubic meters) from the Asia Pacific region. Among them, 60% of the growth in production and 41% of the growth in consumption are all from China. However, natural gas in China's total energy consumption is only 3.3%.

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