What is the distribution of gold on the earth?

    Date:  2016-08-26Author:  ZENITH

Gold is a rare and precious metal of the earth. With its unique value, endless charm and not easy to become a rare treasure, much hardship, the admiration of the world.

So, what is the distribution of gold on the earth on which human beings depend? According to scientists measured and estimated that the total reserves of gold on earth is about 48 tons. At first glance, this is really an astronomical figure. But in fact, its distribution in the core of about 47 million tons, within the mantle about 86 million tons, in the earth's crust is about 9.6 million tons, in the sea about 440 million tons. That is to say, 99.7% of the gold hidden in the core and the mantle. While the core and mantle in the gold, even in the distant future, human beings can never get. Is contained in the earth's crust and sea water 14 million tons of gold, due to the buried too deep and the grade is too low, there are 90% is expected to be.

gold ore

The abundance of elements in geological physics refers to the relative content of some chemical elements in a certain natural system. Gold is very low in the earth's crust, the lowest value in precious metals, only the equivalent of silver 1/21, copper 1/18000, platinum 1/13, mercury 1/25.

So far, the human has been collected in a total of about 120 thousand tons of gold, a total consumption of about 180 thousand tons of gold reserves of about. Among them, 70% were produced after 1990.

According to statistics, in recent years, the world's annual output of gold totaled about 2600 tons. There are 8 countries with a total output of over 100 tons, followed by South Africa, the United States, Australia, China, Russia, Peru, Indonesia, Canada, and the United States. The yields were over a hundred tons of the 9-20 countries, as follows: Uzbekistan, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Mali, Tanzania, Brazil, Chile, the Philippines, Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Colombia. There are few other countries. It can be seen that the distribution of gold on the earth in general is very limited.

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