Where is the biggest iron ore in the world?

    Date:  2016-08-30Author:  ZENITH

Brazil Carajas mine is the world's largest iron ore. It is located in the northern Brazil state of para, Brazil ownership of mining giant CVRD has. Here is the world's most concentrated iron ore and rich areas, its iron ore with high grade, low alumina content, less harmful impurities, good sintering properties, is the world's best quality iron ore resources.

In 1967, the United States, a helicopter in the Amazon tropical rain forest in the Amazon exploration, need to refuel, the cost of a lot of effort to find a place to land. The geological personnel on the helicopter found the red, bald hill, the feeling is iron ore, sampled back analysis, results showed that the iron grade of up to 66%.


1970, the government of Brazil and the United States to create a joint venture to build a joint venture between the United States and steel mineral company, which holds a 51% stake in vale, the United States Steel Corp holds 49%. In 1977 the United States Steel Corp to withdraw from the joint venture company, will hold the shares sold to the vale.

Carajas area known iron ore reserves of 180 tons, the average grade is 65.4%. According to 2009 estimates, Carajas area reserves (confirmed and probable) of 72 tons.

Carajas mine by open-pit mining, the initial design capacity of only 35 million tons / year, but soon the expansion. From 2007 to 2011, Carajas iron ore output was 1 tons. In 2011, with an annual output of 1.098 tons of Carajas iron ore, accounting for vale annual yield of 1/3 ore.

It is reported that the production of Carajas iron ore exports to 80% Chinese.

In addition to the iron ore, but also produced Carajas nickel, bauxite, alumina, kaolin and other minerals such as cobalt.

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