Gold resources and silver resources in the Philippines and what are the characteristics?

    Date:  2016-09-08Author:  ZENITH

A large number of low sulfur, low sulfur, low temperature hydrothermal gold deposits are produced in the Philippines region of Indonesia, which is located in the Western Pacific Ocean.

The main mining areas in Philippines gold mine are Baguio, Paracale, Masbate, Surigao and Masara, and the reserves of gold ore reserves of 1.36 tons. 2002 Philippine environmental and natural resources of the Ministry of mineral resources and the Earth Science Board to assess the gold ore reserves of 9.7 tons in Philippines.


An Australian exploration company found that copper silver gold reserves of more than 6 million tons of gold per ton of ore in Rapu-Rapu, 3 grams, 37 grams of silver; copper content 1.46%, zinc content of 2.33%. Silver is usually associated with gold and copper, and is a byproduct of gold and copper. The 61% Philippine gold reserves in the Central Visayas region, is also an important mineral district Tony Grosso province.

Cebu Province, the main town in the Toledo gold copper mine. 1994 years ago, in the mining of copper, while mining and refining of gold 42950 ounces, an average of 0.23 grams of gold per ton of ore. Atlas estimates that the mine could still get 461256 ounces of gold. In addition, the town of Toledo Sigpit also has some small scale mining, gold is relatively high, can reach 9.85 grams per ton of gold ore. Garing Consolacion also found a gold mine. Tony's Ayungon in Ores by sampling and analysis, found that the amount of gold ore per ton can reach 4-5 Amlan grams; 3 grams of gold ore River canyon.

In 2007, the world's fourth largest copper producer of Xstrata copper company announced, Tampakan copper and gold project has proven ore reserves of 6.59 tons, the measured resources, presumption of resources, a total of 22 tonnes of inferred resources (per ton of ore gold 0.32 grams), with a total of 15 million 200 thousand ounces of gold.

In addition, the Toledo copper gold reserves of 5 million ounces.

Silver and copper deposits in general, is a by-product of the production of gold and copper. Atlas of the Toledo area, per ton of ore containing silver 2.05 grams, about 1 million 750 thousand ounces can refine. The other is the silver area as well as Maypay, Matugan, Mabini-Panoypanoy. The silver content of Ma Tugan is higher, per ton of ore containing silver ounce reached 0.2-6.02.

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