What are the characteristics of the chromium resources in Philippines?

    Date:  2016-09-09Author:  ZENITH

Philippines has 9 chromium ophiolite belt, chromium rich iron ore resources. According to official information in Philippines, the total reserves of 30 million 200 thousand tons of chromium iron ore in Philippines. Chromite mainly exists in the Luzon Island and Northern Surigao province of Zambales province Dinagat. The CHROMITE DEPOSIT size, larger chromite reserves in millions of tons. The magmatic deposit mainly has chromite deposits in samar.


1. Zambales province chromite resources: there are 62 known Zambales mountains chromium iron ore production, there are only 21 geological data. Acoje most famous is located in Zambales mountains deposit in Santa Cruz in northern South East, about 16 kilometers, reserves of about 3 million 480 thousand tons, is mining, is the largest metallurgical grade chromium ore production. Is believed to be the world's largest known reserves to thaw ore. Ore grade: chromium oxide 47-49%, Magnesium Oxide 6.8%, 14.1% alumina and silicon oxide 21.2%, chromium 2.7, which belongs to the metallurgical grade.

2.  Dinagat chromite resources: Dinagat Island is the main chromite resources in Philippines area of relative enrichment. The United Nations natural resources fund loans chose Philippines Palawan in the West and east of the Dinagat Island in 1989 1990 2 to carry out mineral exploration area of chromite, chromium found mainly iron ore, also found 2 gold mines and 2 nickel ore. In the northern part of the island have been found in the chromite, 7 deposit in North, 7 occurrences deposit, central spread, according to preliminary statistics of not less than 50, but the scale is small. The ores consist of chromite, chromium spinel, olivine, pyroxene, 2-5 mm size, chromium oxide content of 26-53%, generally at about 3 35-45%; chromium iron.

3.  Samar Samar chromite deposits: with CHROMITE DEPOSIT, 1976-1981 years of exploration, including Mcarthar, Porlos, Salcedo and other 3 chromium iron ore deposit. The Maikasa ore bearing area of 50 square kilometers, the orebody is layered, ore volume of 35 million 400 thousand cubic meters, the average ore rate of 59.3 kg / m3. Chrome iron ore composition: 47.88%, 12.05%, chromium oxide, alumina, silicon oxide Magnesium Oxide 6.09% 21.37%, the ratio of chromium and iron 1.3-2.1. Due to the flow trough effect, ore bearing ratio of up to 140.72 kg / m3.

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