River stone | River stones properties

    Date:  2016-09-16Author:  ZENITH

River stones properties(1):

River stone is a natural stone. The main chemical composition is silicon dioxide, followed by small amounts of iron oxides and trace amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other elements and compounds. They themselves have different colors, such as crimson by iron, copper blue by purple by manganese, yellow translucent stone colloidal silica marrow, emerald color with green mineral, etc; Because these ions dissolved dioxide pigment silicon hydrothermal different in type and content, thus showing shades, ever-changing shades of color, so that river pebbles showing a black, white, yellow, red, dark green, schungite other colors.


River stones properties(2):

Natural river stone after crushing, sand, screening and other processing after a series of eggs into the river sand, river sand  is an important industrial mineral raw materials. Widely used in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway, highway, railway, passenger line, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise building mechanism sand production and stone shaping. River pebbles to sand also widely used as concrete aggregate. River stone resource-rich, relatively low acquisition cost and high value.


River stones properties(3):

Material transported by a jaw crusher for coarse breaking work produced into a coarse material by conveyor to a second fine crushing machine breaking work, crushing stone into the shaker after the screening two kinds of stones, to meet the sand feed size stones into sand making sand, another part of the feed back into the small break. Sand stones made into part of sand, sand washing machine after washing finished products of sand and partly into the sand making machine broken again.

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