Why are diamonds expensive?

    Date:  2016-09-19Author:  ZENITH

Diamonds become the most expensive varieties of precious stones, in addition to the quality of the diamond itself has a charm about, but also has a close relationship with the diamond deposits detection processing.


First, the inherent charm of diamond quality. As precious stones, you must have a beautiful, durable and scarce these three elements. Diamond is the only set of maximum hardness, high refractive index and high dispersion in one of the varieties of precious stones, any other gem varieties are incomparable.

Second, the diamond culture and long history. Since ancient times, the diamond has been treated as human power, majesty, a symbol of status and wealth. Its indestructible, ever, constancy and perseverance eternal masculine quality is always the goal of mankind. It has potentially huge cultural value.

Third, to explore diamond deposits difficult and costly. Explore diamond deposits often take decades of effort and labor, costly.

Fourth, the exploitation of the vast scale, extremely difficult. Diamond mining deposits, can be said to be a huge but careful work in every possible way. Mining process, we need to fully mined ore containing diamonds, but also cautious to ensure that rough diamonds ore particles intact.

Fifth, the diamond processing procedures are complicated and a large amount of work. After carefully mined ore crushing and sorting, not like other metal deposits, like, you can put large quantities of smelting, but to each one of the rough diamonds were analyzed by grain carefully detailed, in order to determine Cutting programs to ensure its weight, clarity and style.

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