What is jaw crusher advantages and disadvantages?

    Date:  2016-09-21Author:  ZENITH

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a common enterprise of broken machinery, how it works is driven by eccentric activities "E film" stationary "E film" relative motion, like rodents biting food as double jaw. Jaw crusher is mainly used for massive hard material rough broken and broken.

The main advantages are:

1. Working low noise, the safety factor for the equipment installation environment does not have special requirements, accuracy requirements are very low.

2. The structure is very simple, easy to use and maintenance; a large proportion of the broken, the product size is also very uniform.

3. The performance is very stable, low cost, low dust, very clean. 

4. The equipment is very cheap, very versatile and are generally used once broken.

However, the jaw crusher still there is flawed and needs to continue to improve and perfect. For example: jaw crusher crushing process is relatively simple, it can not be achieved multifunctional broken; equipment is mainly used for coarse crushing and broken, but also more difficult to achieve ultra-fine grinding; large volume of equipment, cumbersome; energy consumption is relatively serious, and so on .

Overall, the jaw crusher advantages outweighed the disadvantages, is the need to break various industries indispensable to a classic product.

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