What is cone crusher advantages and disadvantages?

    Date:  2016-09-22Author:  ZENITH

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, utilities, transportation, chemical, building materials industry, suitable for crushing hard and above medium hardness ores and rocks.

Cone crusher working principle:

In the course of the cone crusher, the motor driven by the eccentric rotation of the actuator, the movable cone rotation swing do the forced movement of the eccentric sleeve, the moving cone section near the cone of silence becomes the crushing chamber, the material by the dynamic cone and the cone of silence broken repeatedly squeezing and impact. When moving away from the cone zone, where the crushed material to the desired particle size under its own gravity fall, discharged from the conical bottom.

cone crusher

Cone crusher advantages and disadvantages:


1, simple structure, easy maintenance. Cone crusher reasonable structure, all parts have wear protection, generally will not damage repair can be cone crusher knot costs to a minimum, all components can be removed and maintained from the front or side, no assembly car rack, fastening bolts, so that routine maintenance of equipment easier.

2, crushing ratio, product size. Cone crusher will travel at higher speeds and the combination of greatly increased power and transmission capabilities of the device. By using a special crushing cavity and match the speed of a single particle crushing principle to the principles of particle size. Selective realized material crushing, improved product ratio.

3, advanced lubrication system, high degree of automation. Unique dilute oil lubrication system designed to improve the high-performance non-contact labyrinth seal reliability, greatly improving the life of the equipment. Hydraulically adjustable discharge opening and overload protection, so that the operational level cone crusher has been greatly improved, making maintenance easier and more convenient operation.


1, it is not suitable for crushing wet, sticky ore material, or likely to cause blockage inside the device.

2, larger cone crusher weight, the higher body, the high cost of equipment investment.

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