International top three iron ore index

    Date:  2016-09-22Author:  ZENITH

At present, there are three international iron ore index, respectively, the consultancy (SBB) TSI Metal Bulletin (MB---Metal Bulletin) and MBIO index (Platts), Platts Platts index (IODEX index). Three index preparation methods are different, the offer is also different. At the beginning of 2010, after the iron ore pricing model into quarterly pricing, Vale, Rio and the three major iron ore companies, to conduct quarterly iron ore pricing, according to Platts index IODEX.

Platts June 28, 2011 announced the successful completion of the consultancy group (SBB) of the overall acquisition. The two companies each have an iron ore index, respectively, TSI and IODEX. In addition to these two indices, Platts also provide energy, petrochemical and other metal information service, the consultancy group by another platform Consultancy (SBB) provides market intelligence and price information to the steel industry and its suppliers and buyers.

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