How to design a crusher for copper ore?

    Date:  2016-09-23Author:  ZENITH

Copper ore crusher is mainly used to crush the equipment of copper ore, copper ore is the processing of refined copper and copper products, the main raw material, copper ore through crushing screening, milling, magnetic separation, drying and other procedures gradually selected Out of copper concentrate.

Recommended processing equipment:

We recommend that HST hydraulic cone crusher equipment be preferred for crushing copper ore, which is mainly due to the greater hardness of the copper ore. HST hydraulic cone crusher is the biggest advantage to break the hardness of the material.

work process:

After the original copper ore crusher through the jaw crusher, the belt conveyor to the cone crusher for secondary crushing, screening through the vibrating screen to obtain copper ore products (in the screening left behind the larger copper ore particles , Again with the belt conveyor to the cone crusher for re-broken).

copper ore crusher


1. Users can according to production needs, select the crushing efficiency, product size uniformity, particle size suitable crushing cavity type.

2. Unique dust seal structure, extending the oil replacement cycle and spare parts life.

3. The key components using special materials, support large crushing force.

4. Broken arm length, stroke, broken force, high yield.

5. The use of hydraulic cavity system, easy to operate, reduce downtime.

6. Stable performance, low operating costs, wearing parts long life.

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