Stone crusher machine

    Date:  2016-09-26Author:  ZENITH

Stone crusher is an essential equipment in mining machinery. The common stone crusher mainly includes jaw crusher, mobile crushing station, Vertical crusher, rotary crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, double-roll crusher, roller crusher, ball mill, Raymond Mill, sand making machine, sand washing machine, and so on.

To produce the stone to meet the requirements, need to use the above machine several combinations to form a production line.

Their resemblance is to make large stone broken into small stone. The difference is for the hardness of stone and stone size, should choose a different crusher.

stone crusher.

For example, jaw crusher is aimed at large quality stone and large hardness of stone, cone crusher relatively small broken stone.

Here are the general crushing processes of copper ore (most of the stones are broken are similar):

After the original copper ore crusher through the jaw crusher, the belt conveyor to the cone crusher for secondary crushing, screening through the vibrating screen to obtain copper ore products (in the screening left behind the larger copper ore particles , Again with the belt conveyor to the cone crusher for re-broken).

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