Wet magnetic black sand separator

    Date:  2016-09-28Author:  ZENITH

Wet magnetic separator is the magnetic separation of selected iron powder equipment, generally used in the election plant, sand election iron, iron powder selected use, commonly used two wet magnetic separator for the downstream magnetic separator and semi-counter-current magnetic Election machine.

1, downstream magnetic separator, pulp movement direction and the direction of rotation of the cylinder or the direction of product movement. The slurry is fed directly to the cylinder under the magnetic system, and the non-magnetic particles and the weak magnetic particles are discharged from the gap between the two bottoms. Magnetic ore particles sucked on the surface of the cylinder, with the rotation of the cylinder to the edge of the magnetic field of weak magnetic field, discharged by the discharge pipe to the concentrate tank. The downstream magnetic separator is simple in structure, large in processing capacity and can be used in series. It is suitable for roughing and selecting coarse-grained strong magnetic ore with size of 6-0mm, or for reclaiming magnetic weight medium.

Wet Magnetic Separator

2, semi-counter-current magnetic separator, to the ore slurry is a loose suspension from the bottom of the tank into the sorting space, slurry movement direction and the direction of magnetic field force is basically the same, so the particles can be magnetic field strength of the cylinder surface on. In addition, the tailings are discharged from the tailings hole on the bottom plate so that the height of the overflow surface can maintain the pulp level in the tank body. The above two characteristics, determines the semi-counter-current magnetic separator can get a higher concentrate quality and metal recovery. So it is widely used in the handling of fine particles (less than 0.2mm) of the strong magnetic ore roughing and selection operations. This magnetic separator can be used in series to improve concentrate grade.


Fully sealed by the magnetic ferrite and rare earth magnet composite made.

Clever design of the sorting equipment to produce a reasonable flow of slurry corresponding structure.

Double-cylinder magnetic separator in the use of modular structure to facilitate the magnetic separation and transportation installation.

Double material flow, concentration and other parameters of the adaptability.

Selection of particle size range: 0 ~ 3mm.

Simple structure, large capacity, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

working principle:

This kind of equipment utilizes the magnetic force generated by the permanent magnetic system to attract the magnetic minerals in the slurry to the surface of the cylinder and rotate with the cylinder to be discharged from the magnetic field under the action of gravity and (squeegee) Machine, rather than the removal of magnetic materials from the tailings to complete the sorting effect.

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