Silica sand processing plant equipment

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Silica sand processing flow

Silica sand is a kind of non-metallic mineral, the main mineral composition is SiO2, silica sand is an important industrial mineral materials, widely used in glass, casting, ceramics, metallurgy, construction , Chemicals, plastics, rubber, abrasive and other industries.


(1) water washing off mud

Production of the main ore washed off the mud, the surface of the wet material in the transport process will not occur in the transfer of dust, transported by the forklift to the washing machine, add water, stirring, washing, dry.

(2) calcined water quenching

Silica ore from the forks into the calcination furnace calcination, calcination temperature 950 ~ 1100 ℃, 3 hours after the dumping into the prepared cold water tank for water quenching.

(3) two rough break

Crushing broken jaw crusher chopped two-stage, washed mud off the small bunker ore from the vibrating feeder to a crusher feed hopper, through a broken, through the chute into the next two Level crusher into the hopper, the coarse crushed ore into the circular vibrating screen.

(4) re-election shaker

1 ~ 6mm small granular material warehouse with vibrating feeder at the bottom of the feeder, feeding to the feed hopper to the shaker, feeder through the vibrating feeder to the pulp bucket feeding edge of the feed edge of the feed water constantly stirring, pulp Continuous flow into the shaker slurry tank, re-election for the shaker, add appropriate water with the shaker can reduce the amount of mica.

(5) centrifugal dehydration

Dehydration was carried out using a centrifugal dewatering machine.

(6) computer color selection

The color or variegated silica particles, the choice of pneumatic nozzle to remove the color after the election of the silica particle quality requirements of non-visible impurities and colored particles.

(7) fine powder

Crushing and milling using a lined with polyurethane milling machine.

(8) flotation, pickling

Flotation using wheeled flotation machine.

(9)Chlorination purification.

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