Sample of business plan for rock quarrying in the philippines

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"Mining Project Business Plan Directory"


Chapter 1 Company Introduction

1. The purpose of the company

2. Company Profile

3. Departmental functions and business objectives

4. Company Management

(1) The Board of Directors

(2) management team

(3) External support

Chapter 2 Technology and Products

1. Technical description and technical holding

2. Status of mining products

(1). Main product catalog

(2) mining product characteristics

(3) .Product profile being developed / to be developed

(4) R & D plan and timetable

(5) Intellectual Property Strategy

(6) Intangible assets

3. Mining production

(1). Resources and raw material supply

(2). Existing production conditions and production capacity

(3). Expansion of facilities, requirements and costs, after the expansion of production capacity

(4). The original major equipment and the need to purchase equipment

(5). Mining product standards, quality control and production cost control

(6). Packaging and storage

Chapter 3 Mining Market Analysis

1. Market size, market structure and division

2. Target market setting

3. Analysis on the Main Consumers, Consumption Patterns, Consumption Habits and the Main Factors Affecting Mining Iron Market in Mining Industry

4. Current Market Status of Mining Products, Market Development Stage of Mining Products (Blank / New Development / High Growth / Maturity / Saturation) Product Ranking and Brand Status of Mining

5. Market trends and market opportunities

6. Industry policy

Chapter 4 Competitive Analysis

1. Whether the industry monopoly

2. Analysis of Competitor 's Market Share from Market Segmentation

3. Major competitors: the strength of the company, mining products

4. Analysis of Potential Competitor and Mining Iron Market

5. The company's competitive advantage in mining products

Chapter 5 Marketing

1. An overview of mining iron marketing programs

2. Development of product sales policy for mining

3. Mining product sales channels, methods, marketing links and after-sales service

4. Main business relationship

5. Mining sales force situation and distribution of welfare distribution policy

6. Promotions and market penetration

(1). The main promotion way

(2). Advertising / PR strategy, media evaluation

7. Mining product price program

(1) mining product pricing basis and price structure

(2) factors affecting the price of mining products and countermeasures

8. Mining product sales statistics and sales records, sales cycle calculation.

9. Mining product market development planning, sales targets

Chapter 6 Investment Description

1. Description of Funding Requirement (Dosage / Term)

2. Plan and progress of capital utilization

3. Form of Investment (Loan / Interest Rate / Interest Rate Terms / Conversion - Ordinary Shares, Preferred Shares, Equity / Corresponding Prices, etc.)

4. Capital Structure 

5. Return / Reimbursement Plan

6. Description of capital structure of original liabilities

7. Investment mortgage

8. Investment guarantee

9. After the investment to absorb equity structure

10. Cost of equity

11. Description of the extent of investor involvement in the management of the Company

12. Report

13. Miscellaneous Fees

Chapter 7 Investment Rewards and Withdrawal

1. Stock market

2. Equity transfer

3. Share repurchase

4. Dividends

Chapter 8 Risk Analysis

1. Resource risk

2. Uncertainty risk of mining product market

3. R & D risks of mining products

4. Uncertainty risks in the production of mining products

5. Mining product cost control risk

6. Competition risk

7. Policy risk

8. Financial risk 

9. Managing Risks

10. Risk of bankruptcy

Chapter 9 Administration

1. Organizational structure of the company

2. Management system and labor contract

3. Personnel Planning

4. Pay, benefits programs

5. Equity allocation and share options

Chapter 10 Financial Analysis

1. Financial Analysis Description

2. Financial data forecast

(1) Sales revenue breakdown

(2) the cost of the cost schedule

(3) Salary Schedules

(4) List of fixed assets

(5) the balance sheet

(6) Profit and Profit Distribution Schedules

(7) cash flow statement

(8) Analysis of financial indicators

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